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Posted January 13, 2022 by clubmagichour

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“Lotus mind is made from remarkably rare white tea buds that tea connoisseurs all over the world call Silver Moon,” says Zhena Muzyka, the founder of Magic Hour. High up in a sacred valley you will find the delicate, tender tea shoots and the young tea buds, covered in silver down. From here the tea masters carefully harvest it by hand and gently dry it in indirect sunlight and the rays of the moon. The tea offers a bursting taste profile.

What a mystical and unusual blend this tea is? It steeps the most beautiful misty blue tea that heightens awareness and creates a sedative mood. It also flaunts cooling properties on the system and has an unexpected palette. The blend offers a delicate and valuable key to opening the mind to the divine.
The beauty of the crown chakra tea it helps to relax the nervous system, increases awareness to connect you to higher mindfulness, soothes anxiety, clears skin complexion, and activates the pineal gland. The pineal gland is responsible for the production of melatonin and the production rate is regulated by exposure to different light conditions. Melatonin relaxes the nervous system and helps to modulate sleep patterns.

Magic Hour has paired this beautiful crown chakra tea with amazing ingredients, to give your palette a boost of flavour. The ingredients selected play an important role in your journey towards opening the mind to the divine. The Silver Moon white tea is the main ingredient for cooling the system. It is the least processed of all teas and the highest in ant-oxidants, it calms moods, reduces inflammation, and improves digestion.
French lavender has the sweetest aroma and flavour among all the lavender species and is mostly used for its healing properties. Another ingredient used for crown chakra tea is Gotu Kola, a helpful aid to reduce anxiety, stress and insomnia and may act as an antidepressant.

The star of all the ingredients in the blend of crown chakra tea is the butterfly pea flower with its misty blue colour, its high levels of antioxidants and its ability to increase weight loss, aid in blood sugar control and for improving hair and skin health. Aside from its numerous health advantages, it also assists with fatigue and stimulates a calm mood. Jasmine essence properties are evident to effectively reduce depressive symptoms.
Another great ingredient is Asian pear essence. This magical contribution is high in fibre, vitamin K and C, copper and potassium which is important for body cells, organs and tissues to function properly.

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Magic Hour is the realization of our passion for teas. Teas have a very long and outstanding history that dates back over many centuries. For many generations, drinking tea has been much more than merely enjoying a refreshing hot beverage. It is rather a ceremony of healing and recovery, a moment to immerse mind, body, and soul into relaxation. It was also a time when tea drinkers appreciated the numerous health properties in this natural source of healing. These properties are what we celebrate at Magic Hour. Visit our website at or contact us directly and see all the natural goodness we have on offer to help you to maintain your mind, body and soul.
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