Tips to Augment Gear at Least Cost and provides 8% off code-CHEAPSW8 swtor credit for sale

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Tips to Augment Gear at Least Cost and provides 8% off code-CHEAPSW8 swtor credit for sale
Augmenting gear is necessary for high tier PvP &PvE group content, and grants a substantial stat boost anytime at level 58 or above. Thus, many players cannot reject this temptation even it require many swtor credits. However, in swtor 4.0, the highest augment will be mk-8, as a part of the crafting revamp. So before augmenting, you may need to consider some elements and learn tips to save cost.
The highest augment will be mk-8 in Swtor Kotfe

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Recently, Bioware has published the detailed crafting changes. As a part of this revamp, the highest augment will be mk-8 when Knights of the Fallen Empire releases on October 27. And the existing MK9 and MK10 Kits will turn into MK8. Some people indicated that it's a good idea to augment the gear now or stock up on MK8s, MK9s and MK10s for the future use. My recommendation is when you DO decide to start augmenting gear, considering how long you've been around. You likely get a set of Starfighter gear, and if you augment that, you can currently share it with mirror classes. For example, your Assassin can share the gear set with your Shadow. Beginning with 4.0, it'll be more valuable as you can share gear amongst all your DPS and healer characters since there is only one main stat.
Some tips to save money when augmenting gears in Swtor
1. Use the modification from better gear
To augment gear, you need to get the mk-10 augment kits, put them on your gear, and then put into the augment slots. It worth noting that you don't need to remove the augments after obtaining a gear upgrade, and then buy another kit for new piece of gear. Instead, it's cheaper to just take out the mods from your better piece of gear, and stick them into your old, augmented gear. Of course, you must re-augment the earpieces, implants, and relics since they are not customizable, so it is suggested to augment these gear last.
2. Use Legacy bound customizable gear
It is suggested to use a set of Legacy bound customizable gear since it would swap mods to cut down costs for multiple characters. And being legacy bound also allows you to use the equipment on another toon with the same relevant stats, for example if you have a Jedi Guardian and a Sith Juggernaut you can share gear between them.
3. Augments some frequently-used gear
Though different specs require varying degrees of crit/alacrity, having one basic set to share will be nice if you're trying to conserve money. Personally, Swtor2credits recommends putting the augments into some gear you will always use, as buying more kits and adding them to armor is really expensive. If you get better armor, or want to use different stats, just replace your armor's modifications with the new armor's modifications.
Augmenting now or wait for swtor 4.0, either way, make sure you can save most money from the paying. And now as Knights of the Fallen Empire is approaching, you can buy swtor cheap credits on Swtor2credits and don't miss the KOTFE promotion with 50% discount!
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