Latina venture capital with L’Attitude Ventures and how they are catalyzing the most entrepreneurial yet most undercapitalized growth cohort in the US

Posted March 19, 2022 by Lattitudevc

The venture firm that believes in wealth, growth, education and more jobs for Latinos
Although investing in start-up businesses can be risky for any investor, the benefit possibilities for both the investor as well as the enterprise are phenomenal, which is why venture capital firms like L'Attitude Ventures exist.

L'Attitude Ventures is a renowned venture capital firm from San Diego, that is well known as a global hub for all Latino entrepreneurs from the USA to establish and accelerate their start-ups. The firm was founded in 2019 by co-founders Sol Trujillo and Gary Acosta, as well as Kennie Blanco, with the goal of addressing a troubling economic cost to the country, especially the underfunding of Latino entrepreneurs in the United States.
For new Latino-led projects or enterprises with a short working history, venture capital is becoming a popular (almost critical) source of funding, particularly if they lack access to bank loans, debt instruments and capital markets.

“Over recent years, venture capital has evolved into a complex business with a plethora of stakeholders who play a vital role in stimulating innovation. Latina venture capital is a form of financing offered to Latina-owned entrepreneurs and businesses at various phases of their development (usually during their early stages). Venture capital funds, which are normally only open to authorized investors, manage pooled investments in high-growth possibilities in startups and other early-stage enterprises,” stated Kennie Blanco – the managing partner of L’Attitude Ventures.

“However, one significant difference between venture capital and other private equity deals is that Latina venture capital focuses on emerging Latino-owned companies seeking significant funds for the first time, whereas private equity focuses on larger, more established companies seeking an equity infusion or the opportunity for company founders to transfer some of their ownership rewards,” he added.

L'Attitude Ventures is essentially a cultural and capital collaboration that provides hard-working and driven entrepreneurs with the opportunity to effectively enter the US economy and grow their companies or enterprises. Their goal is to become the primary conduit for all sources and forms of growth finance, ultimately pushing the success of Latino entrepreneurs through numerous rounds of funding.

L'Attitude Ventures invest in US Latinos and their extensive portfolio demonstrates that they not only empower Latino talent with modern technology and business skills but also assist them in bringing their ideas to life and providing the financial support to help Latino-owned enterprises or entrepreneurs build and expand their start-up businesses.

You can learn more about the firm and the wide range of services they offer, by browsing their extensive website.

About us
L’attitude Ventures is a mission-driven venture fund that invests in early-stage Latino-led and owned businesses in the United States with substantial and high-growth potential that may be realized through technology. The company was founded in 2019 by L'ATTITUDE co-founders Sol Trujillo and Gary Acosta, as well as Kennie Blanco, to address a disturbing economic cost to our country: the underfunding of US Latino entrepreneurs. Our fund is sizable, and it will stimulate a significant number of Latino entrepreneurs from the Seed to Series A stages, with significant investor round participation; initial check sizes range from $200,000 to $1,500,000. We also act as a trustworthy intermediary, bringing cash from investors of all stages and types together to support the success of Latino entrepreneurs today and in the future. Please visit our website at for more information.
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