Implementing Federal Compliant FAA Drug Testing Program

Posted July 10, 2015 by tomjones

Safety-sensitive transportation employers must adopt clear health and safety policies and FAA drug testing program in order to reduce accidents produced by addicted personnel.
Safety-sensitive transportation employers must adopt clear health and safety policies and FAA drug testing program in order to reduce accidents produced by addicted personnel.

A DOT drug testing program is designed to include a set of compulsory measures that aim at enhancing safety and determining a worker’s addiction before it becomes a direct threat. Workers must be aware of the dangers they expose themselves to, their colleagues, and clients when a certain addiction installs and takes control over their minds and actions. Workers must be informed, tested and treated if an addiction is detected. These are the three main functions of a comprehensive FAA drug testing program.

It’s not very difficult to find a comprehensive FAA drug testing program if you get online and you further document this topic, and make a list of authorized third parties that conduct DOT drug testing program. As a safety-sensitive worker you’re not allowed to consume or posses illegal substances or alcohol and perform your work tasks while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You are not allowed to refuse testing or alter your specimen. A comprehensive DOT drug testing program enables employees to be aware of these policies and then they must confirm to submit to DOT drug testing programs as often as the organization conducts them.

Regardless of the type of safety-sensitive responsible domain of your work you must know that you will be drug and alcohol tested on various occasions. FAA drug testing program is conducted before hiring, randomly, post accidents or at the time of re-joining the organization. An efficient FAA drug testing program reveals evidence of illegal substances use over a 90 day period. Samples can be collected on-site or at the nearest specialized site.

With an authorized and experienced service in this domain you can count on a wide range of services that revolve around testing, training, archive administration, reports or background checks. What’s most important is that you make sure you deal with a real specialist in this field, who can promptly serve you and guarantee for the accuracy and efficiency of the services.

The specimens collected show evidence about the consumption of marijuana, cocaine, amphetamine, opiates, or phencyclidine. These are the basic categories that sum up illegal substances. Federal DOT drug testing program recommends that safety-sensitive responsible employees are tested four times per year, or even more often. Random selection is based on a computer numerical program, and if you are told that you were selected you must report to the testing site in good timing.

The employees who were selected to submit their specimen to random drug and alcohol testing are free from delivering their services until the results are ready. Results don’t usually take longer than 48 hours to be completed. There are further rehabilitation programs that can be followed by the workers who were detected as addicted. Therefore, get online and get further informed on comprehensive federal FAA drug testing program to ensure a safe transportation for your clients and a proper work environment for your workers.

Learn more facts about FAA drug testing program at: FAA drug testing program ( ) and upgrade your policies with: DOT drug testing program ( )
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