Optimize Road Safety through FMCSA Drug Testing Programs

Posted July 10, 2015 by tomjones

FMCSA falls under federal regulations about safety transportations and is responsible for encouraging employers to adhere to FMCSA drug testing program
FMCSA falls under federal regulations about safety transportations and is responsible for encouraging employers to adhere to FMCSA drug testing program. Get further informed on the benefits of drug testing program for DOT.

All industries that are responsible for customers’ safety must be under some sort of drug testing program for DOT. One way to make sure we all benefit from safe transportation is for organizations in this field to be compliant with laws about the health and safety of employees and customers. Health and safety policies must include submission to drug testing program for DOT.

Job candidates can be hired unless they go through a FMCSA drug testing program. Once they sign the work contract they must become aware of their responsibilities. They include submitting to periodical FMCSA drug testing programs. There are basically a few standard situations that require such tests. One is before employment, there is the periodical, so called random FMCS drug testing program, which must be carried out four times per year. There’s again the reasonable suspicion cause, which can make a worker subject to taking a drug test. This happens when a qualified supervisor has strong reasons to believe that an employee is under the influence of illicit substances or alcohol. There’s also the return-to-duty FMCSA drug testing.

It is recommendable that your employees are aware of the negative impact of using illicit substances and alcohol during working hours. Even if they develop such an addiction, which they act on during their free time, this may still cause unwanted problems during working time. FMCSA drug testing results are accurate and promptly sent via email. The employer can create an archive and periodically updated with new reports. For members who are detected as addicted there are programs and treatments that can be followed. The purpose of these tests is to determine a real addiction before it becomes dangerous for employees and clients. There are also rehabilitation solutions for positively found people, so they are helped to give up their addiction.

Such tests are more necessary in our times, when people of all ages are so tempted to try new ways of so called modern entertainment. Some states even have a high toleration for marijuana use for medical purposes. Having an addiction should totally prevent people to serve FMCSA organizations and get hired on these positions. Even if they don’t consume alcohol and drugs during work schedule their behavior is still affected by their addiction. That’s why employees must receive training and understand the negative effects of drug and alcohol abuse in their free time.

You need to work with experts when implementing FMCSA drug testing programs, because you want your employees to understand you are doing this for their own good, for legal obligations, for the company’s reputation, and customers’ safety. There are strong reasons to consider asking for assistance from a FMCSA drug testing consortium and adhere to a comprehensive program in this direction.

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