Meet Legal Obligations through FAA Drug Testing

Posted July 10, 2015 by tomjones

Encouraging a drug and alcohol free work environment is benefic for all categories of industries. For those which are safe sensitive responsible
Encouraging a drug and alcohol free work environment is benefic for all categories of industries. For those which are safe sensitive responsible, DOT drug testing in not only benefic for work safety and productivity reasons, but it’s a legal obligation.

Although latest statistics reveal that 14 states allow the use of medical marijuana, and dispensaries in Colorado and California reveal a number of 350,000 patients, there is also evidence that fewer accidents occur when employees are free of these substances.

There are plenty benefits for employers who implement clear policies about safety, including DOT drug testing programs. We all want to be safe when traveling from one place to another and sometimes, our safety relies on the professionalism and clear mind of the person who performs tasks related to transportation. FAA drug testing programs can be viewed as additional tools to select conscientious, responsible, and highly professional employees.

FAA employees must be aware of all the situations that subject them to FAA drug testing programs. For example, it is governmentally mandatory to perform FAA drug testing when a new employer joins the organization. Random FAA drug testing must occur about four times per year on a normal basis, but it can happen more often than that. Reasonable suspicion case is a special situation which implies that a trained and qualified supervisor is entitled to believe that a worker is under the influence. The results of DOT drug testing are very accurate, relevant and conclusive, as they cover illicit substance consumption over the last 90 days. As an employer you must conduct FAA drug testing also when someone is returning to duty, or post-accident.

Specialists in this domain can be hired to assist you with all the policies you must introduce and testing programs you should implement do that you remain compliant with governmental requirements. Employers are also required to educate employees to become aware of the negative impact of drug and alcohol abuse. Drug testing programs are absolutely necessary, especially nowadays when teenagers and adults are more than ever tempted to try new euphoric experiences.

These testing methods imposed by DOT drug testing consortium might not promise and guarantee for eliminating accidents, but it’s a security measure that must be respected by all safe sensitive responsible industries. Also, as new employees sign terms and conditions and get informed on policies, their attributions and responsibilities, might become less tempted to use and posses illegal substance during working hours, or in their free time.

Through these drug testing methods workers may become aware that they have an addiction problem. Some of them might fail to realize that until the situation seriously aggravates. Discovering this addiction problem in time allows the person to search for treatments and overcome it. So, you should maintain a safe workplace, a good reputation of your services, and learn what it takes to be fully compliant with drug testing regulations from authorized DOT drug testing consortium.

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